Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Steamcon...coffeepunk and other stuff....

Hello boys and girls! I know, I know...I started this blog and claimed I would blog the hell out of it...well far that has worked well...however...I vow to change my ways! I was on a whirlwind three week long trip that included bookfests, dinosaur world and steamcon and....coffeepunk, thats right folks, coffeepunk.

So lets as they say...start at the very beginning! :) First off...Bound by Blood is officially if you haven't bought your copy yet...well what the hell are you waiting for!? There is hot sex, biting and lots and lots of crazy action/fight scenes!! It has been very well reviewed so far which is making me happy and lots of requests for a second book, which is also making me happy! In fact, I am so happy, if you buy it and tell me what the dedication is too, I will let you have one of novellas off my back list!

I have also been traveling non-stop! I was in New Orleans for a bookfest, which was awesome, I mean how could it not be!! It was New Orleans! We did the normal traverse Bourbon Street and went to the oldest bar and all the fun touristy could we not!? :) Then the next weekend it was off to Frankfort, KY, on the drive there, we passed such delights as Elizabethtown which I of course stood under and got my picture taken and we also passed...Dinosaur World!! How can you deny the awesomeness of life sized dinosaur replicas in the middle of Kentucky!? You can't! So we went and it was AWESOME!!! So awesome in fact...I may have to have a special event there one day!!
Then we took flight and winged our way back to my hometown of Seattle!! Woohoo I heart Seattle!! It was time for Steamcon II!! So excited! I adored steamcon last year and knew this year was going to rock!! We did panels and rocked the vendor room, created mayhem and mischeif, took advantage of the outdoor hot tub even though it was snowing! Hell yeah!! And I introduced coffeepunk to the masses...that's right I did....want to know more?? Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special thanksgiving explanation, complete with a short story! *grin*
Until next time my darlings....don't do anything I wouldn't do!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am back!!!!!

Hello my lovelies!!!! I am back!!! Due to unforeseen circumstances my old blog got wiped......*cry*....but it is ok, because I've got a new one all set up and we are back in business for more fun!! So I have a bunch of really exciting stuff coming up I can't wait to tell you about, but first I want to hear from you guys! What do you want to see here....random adventures, current projects, video blogs, random fun, I am open to suggestion!!

Happy to be back!