Monday, January 30, 2012

Times be a changing!!

Hello Lovelies!! Where do I start...whew...I hit the new year running!! I've got about a thousand different things going on right now!!

Sadly, my writing has suffered a bit with all the craziness, but I'm doing my best to fix that so I can bring you some more stories soon! :)

I do have a new anthology that just came out, it's called 'Her Majesty's Mysterious Conveyance'! I'm so excited about my story in this one! It has a few firsts for me, one it's my first all ages friendly story, you all know how I love to write hot, so I toned it down, but it's still a really fun story! Also...this is the first book in which I'm using my new name!! I will now be writing under and soon legally Elizabeth Valentino!! *grin* Which leads me on to the next order of business!! :) Since I will be using a new comes the dreaded changing of the name for EVERYTHING!! So I will have a new blog, facebook, twitter, email etc... Stay tuned for all of those links in the near future! lol

Along the lines of the name change...I'm also planning a wedding and oh dear's less then 3 months away...*headdesk* It's going to be a really fun, low key steampunk themed wedding. I can't wait to marry the love of my life, Nick Valentino! He really is the most wonderful man in the whole world!!

There are still so many details to attend to...wish me luck on getting it all done!! Here is a teaser of my dress!! I'm going to steampunk it out though! :)

On top of all of this...we are moving all the way across the country!!! I know we are crazy!! lol We are heading out from Nashville and returning to the land of rain, Seattle! I'm so excited and happy to return home and to be able to see my sweet kids more!! Nick is so wonderful for moving across the country for me, I'm so grateful.

I will keep you all updated on all the craziness and stay tuned for our cross country trek with all of our belongings stuffed in a's sure to be an adventure!!

*hugs and kisses*