Thursday, July 14, 2011's been awhile...

Hello my lovelies!! I can't believe how long it's been since my last post!! I've been such a busy bee, with working, book stuff and craziness this summer!! So a few things I probably should have told you all ages ago...

First off, Bound by Blood, my vampire romance novel came out in print last month! You can get your own copy here This book is very dear to my heart for a few different reasons, it was the first book I contracted and it is my first full length novel to go into print and it has vampires and lots of hot, sexy biting!! ;) I would love you forever if you've read it, if you went to amazon and reviewed it for me too!! :)

I also got the cover art for the new steampunk anthology I have a story in and I'm super excited about it!! It looks great!! I'm also super excited about this anthology because its the first antho that me and my amazing boyfriend Nick Valentino are in together. :) I should have a release date soon!!

I'm starting work on a really naughty, fun erotic series that I am so excited about!! I will share more details soon!!

Other then what, I've just been having a crazy, but wonderful summer. Although I would really like it if there was no sun or heat in the summer... Just sayin.... I hope you guys are all having a great summer too!! Until next time, remember...don't do anything I wouldn't do!!! hehe