Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hockey is sexy and it has nothing to do with the hocky players...

Although some of the players are kinda sexy! So, last night it was a disapointing loss for the Preds, they played hard and put up a good fight, but alas their time in the playoffs is done. I decided in tribute to my new found love of hockey and all the things I've learned since going to all the Preds games to devote a post to all the dirty things the announcers say with a straight face... I'm just going to list them out, not explain them, because where is the fun in that...so read and enjoy!!

1.) He needs to delay his release...
2.) Get it in...
3.) Get it in deeper!(because who doesn't like that?) hehe
4.) He is just pounding his body.
5.) Getting it in the backend.
6.) He is good at controlling his stick.(always a good thing. Right?)
7.) He's got to get it in the slot!(sometimes this is an issue, or so I've heard) lol
8.) He just got double teamed!
9.) Four man scrum(tell me this doesn't sound dirty!)
10.)Hornquist slides it in!
11.)He needs to stimulate the puck.(lucky puck!)
12.)He needs to get it in the other end!

These are a few of my favorites! They caused me endless amounts of laughter this season and I look forward to hearing some new ones next season! I hope you enjoyed them!

Until next time lovelies, remeber, don't do anything I wouldn't do!



  1. Awesome! You should do an "extended" ;) edition sometime as you collect more.

  2. I have a few more (since pre-season stuff is starting)

    Slipped (shoved, stuffed etc) through the 5-hole (or between his legs)

    The Bruins announcers use the word “caress” all the freaking time. Sometimes I wish I was the puck so Bergeron could caress me.

    During the playoffs last year when the Bruins were playing the Flyers “the Flyers call a time out and the Bruins return to the bench to snuggle”