Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you ready to get your snuggie on?

Hello lovelies! I know, I know two blog posts in two days...please don't die from shock! :) Anywho, so I stumbled across this awhile ago and I'm sure most of you have heard of it, but I have to share anyways!As a romance author I'm always looking for things that are sexy and wow, you know nothing says sexy like 3000 yards of fleece with sleeves...right? Well, it sure the hell is sexy with the invention of the Snuggie Sutra!! That's right, you read that right...the Snuggie Sutra..its real and you know you can't wait to try it, so go get yourself a snuggie and enjoy these fine examples of some of the magical positions you can achieve! And if any of you have given this a whirl, fess up and tell me...just how erotic is the Snuggie Sutra?

And my personal favorite!!


  1. You appear to be in the need of some sort of gratification. I suggest toddling off and acquiring it. LOL

  2. WOW, Those pajamas look terrific on you. They fit so well and they have a nice color, and they look like felt or something soft. If I had NoraA like those, wear them all the time. Enjoy your soft and cuddly naps in it.
    Thanks for sharing with us.