Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travels to Alabama and Atlanta, books and a photoshoot!

Hello Lovelies!! As per usual I'm crazy busy! This last week I did a phootshoot with Nick Valentino(my super talented, very sexy boyfriend) with some very talented photography students at the Nossi College of Art in Nashville, TN. The shoot was a ton of fun, although I did almost die of the hypothermia after the sun went down. *note to self* (wear more clothes next time I do a shoot outside) :)

This coming weekend we set off to squeeze two events into one day!! On Saturday during the day we will be in Montgomery, AL for the Alabama Bookfest! It should be a ton of fun and fingers crossed we should sell a lot of books!! Then we break down the table at superhuman speeds, jump in our little ghetto car and speed to Atlanta, GA for the Clockwork Carnival that night! So, if any of you are closeish to either of those venues please drop by and say hi...and you know um, by a book...maybe...hahaha

Speaking of traveling...this year I will be gone almost every weekend pimping my books and the fun of steampunk and paranormal romance to the masses! Just to give you a sneak peek into the chaos I will include what I have on the schedule right now, although there are more events to come...
04/16 Alabama Bookfest(Montgomery,AL)(daytime)Clockwork Carnival(Atlanta,GA)(Night)
4/30 Dayton Bookfest(Dayton,OH)
5/6-5/8 International Steampunk City(Walthham,MA
5/14-5/15 South Carolina Bookfest(Columbia,SC)
5/27-5/30 World Steam Expo(Dearborn,MI)
6/10-6/12 ACON(Dallas,TX)
6/17-6/19 Dukon(Chicago,IL)
6/22-6/26 Origins(Columbus,OH)
6/30-7/3 ConVergence(Bloomington,MN)
7/20-7/24 ComiCon(San Diego,CA)
7/29-7/31 Cyphan(Chicago,IL)
8/4-8/7 GenCon(Indianapolis,IN)
8/11-8/14 Authors After Dark(Philidelphi,PA)
8/25-8/28 Fan Expo(Toronto)
9/2-9/5 DragonCon(Atlanta,GA)
9/10 Bookmarks Bookfest(Winston-Salem,NC)
9/16-9/18 Great New England Steampunk Exhibition(Fitchburg,MA)
9/23-9/25 Baltimore Bookfest(Baltimore,MD)
10/14-10/16 SteamCon III(Seattle,WA)
10/22-10/23 Texas Bookfest(Austin,TX)
11/12 Kentucky Bookfest(Frankfort,KY)
11/18-11/20 Miami Bookfest(Miami,FL)

Also... while I was typing up this blog the FedEx man came and brought me a box full of print copies of the steampunk anthology, 'Love Like Clockwork' that my novella 'Love in a Time of Steam' is in!! I love getting print books with my name on them!!

I think that about wraps it up for now!! Until next time....don't do anything I wouldn't do! :)


  1. Hey Rockstar! Great to see the new blog up and running, and so awesome that you'll be at Duckon in Chicago in June!

  2. Apparently I need to hit the power ball so I can throw a good con here in Colorado.

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