Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sucker Punch!!

Hello Lovelies!! So, today I finally was able to go see Sucker Punch!! I've been waiting to see this movie for what feels like ever...basically since it was announced last year. I already knew I loved the costumes, I totally plan on making Sweet Pea's and probably Baby Doll's outfits, but would I like the movie, well that was a wait and see. I was expecting a mindless, fun action movie and had very low expectations story-wise going in. Were my expectations meet, exceeded or was it just a disappointment? I would say that my expectations were exceeded in someways, I found the story to be pretty compelling and the characters to be more likable and sympathetic then I expected, there wasn't the constant in your face action that I was expecting, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It was visually amazing for sure, although at times the action sequences played out a bit like a music video, but there is an explanation for that. So...what does my rambling mean you ask?? Did I love it, hate it, would I encourage you to go see it?? The answer is I liked it quite alot, maybe more than I expected to, is everyone going to like it? No. But, if you like visually awesome, somewhat dark action movies with really hot girls in really hot clothes, then yes....get thee to the theater!! I will leave you with the trailer and by all means if you've seen it comment below and let me know what you thought! ~Elizabeth

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  1. I saw it b4 you, lol, And I loved it. The action was great, the story was awesome, and the visual and musical score was top notch. its some thing i will definitely get on DVD. I think most any one would like it. the only thing is, I wonder what the dance was. srsly